December Awards

 5th Grade Perfect Attendance     6th Grade Perfect Attendance 7th Grade Perfect Attendance
 8th Grade Perfect Attendance 5th Grade - No ZAP6th Grade - No ZAP 
 7th Grade - No ZAP 8th Grade - No ZAP January - Students of the Month
 5th Grade Student of the Year Freeman's Dec. Perfect Attend. 8th Grade Student of the Year
 Pittman's Dec. Perfect Attend. Johnson's Dec. Perfect Attend. Taylor's Dec. Perfect Attend.
 Atkin's Dec. Perfect Attend. Scott's Dec. Perfect Attend. Edmiston's Dec. Perfect Attend.
 Lewis' Dec. Perfect Attend. 5th Grade Honor Roll 6th Grade Honor Roll
 7th Grade Honor Roll 8th Grade Honor Roll Principal's List - 4.0 GPA