50 States

Everything you wanted to know about the 50 states: capital, state bird, climate, flag, etc.
America’s Story

Information from the Library of Congress including letters, diaries, maps and prints.
Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Grades K – 12, interactive website full of information on how our government works, history, science, geography and more.
Create A Graph

Online resource for creating various graphs (bar, pie, XY, line and area).
Eye Witness to History

History through the eyes of those who lived it from the Ancient World to the 20th Century. 
History Now

Interactive American History through video clips. 

Cross-curricular online activities in a variety of subject areas, grades 2–12.
Kids Past

Historical quotes for kids. 
National Geographic Kids

Topics include animals and nature, history, and science and space.

Showcases the front pages of daily newspapers from around the world in its original form.
New York Times Learning Page

News summaries, “on this day”, word of the day and more.
Schooltime Games

Variety of online games to supplement instruction in various subjects.
Smithsonian Educators

Tons of educational resources on many topics supported by the Smithsonian
Center for Education and Museum Studies.
Student News

Recap of today’s CNN headlines appropriately created for kids.
White House 101

Fun facts about the home of our President.
Zip Skinny

Type in any zip code and get a wide range of demographics for that area.