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Boxtops for Education
We all shop for groceries, sometimes two or three times a week –- or more. Now turn those shopping trip into easy cash for your school, and encourage friends to do the same! Just look for the Box Tops logo on hundreds of products like Cheerios®, Hamburger Helper® and Kleenex®, in almost every aisle of the store. All you need to do is clip and send them to your school’s Box Tops coordinator —- each one is worth 10¢ for your school. 
Coke Rewards 
My Coke Rewards for Schools is a way for parents, friends, and others in the community to support local K-12 schools by donating My Coke Rewards points which can be earned from hundreds of participating Coca-Cola products. Schools can turn donated points into a variety of rewards that support students.


Empties 4 Cash
Our school has launched a fundraising project with the help of an inkjet recycling company. Empties4Cash. Empty inkjet cartridges can be recycled and remanufactured. Our school will receive up to $4.00 for each cartridge turned in. This will directly benefit our school and the students not to mention it is great for the environment. You can help! Any inkjet cartridge with a print head can be recycled, regardless of brand or type. Bring in your empty cartridges (placed in a Ziploc bag) to the school.
GRC Wireless
GRC buys used cell phones from businesses, organizations, and individuals with 10 or more phones. We specialize in larger quantity purchases, offering our clients a profitable return on used cell phones.
Labels for Education
For more than 37 years, Labels for Education has been awarding free educational equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from the Campbell family of brands. It’s a fun, easy program where students, families and members of the community work together for a common goal.
Students and parents please use our online shopping store to purchase gifts, clothes, and supplies. Northside Tech receives a portion of your purchase. Don't forget to send an invitation to family and friends!